Essential Tips On How To Follow Up A Lead

There are quite a lot of effective ways on how you could follow up with leads and prospects. Any agent knows the importance of doing a follow-up.  Aside from landing and building further connections, newer and bigger opportunities are along the way as well. However, there is a huge challenge in doing a follow-up.

Today, the advancement of technology made it possible for the real estate lead generation to be more efficient and effective. But, the essentials of lead follow up haven’t changed one bit.

If you are struggling with this, these tips may help you with your lead follow up duties.

Define Your Leads

The very first thing you need to remember is to know whether someone is a prospect. So, ask yourself, how do you define leads?

According to real estate pros and experts, there can be a lot of ways how you could distinguish a lead. Each event or situation is very much unique which makes it entirely different for every agent to define their own leads. Nevertheless, there are always common denominators when defining a lead.

Names, contact details, prices, and timetables are typically the factors that you need to have when you are pinpointing who are your leads. When you have these information and data, especially the timetable, you could already start working on these things.

Filter Out Good vs Bad Leads

Yes, you may already have the needed details and data, but it is only normal for an agent to have hundreds or more of these. Hence, sorting out essentially your “pinpointed” leads will help you to know who to prioritize and not.

The efficient way to know a good lead is when you already have the most important key points:

  • Timetable

Note that a bad lead could also give you a timetable but essentially, any good lead will give you a much more inclusive and specific range of time.

  • Degree of Urgency

As always, the sooner the time frame, the warmer the lead.

Also, know that leads who answer and come to the scheduled follow-ups are good leads.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is the key. But remember that being consistent with your follow up calls or schedules doesn’t mean you have to call or connect with them every day. One of the most apparent reasons why most leads don’t like the idea of follow-ups is because they normally feel harassed. Which is, by the way, the basis why conducting follow-ups is challenging for agents nowadays.

Maintaining consistency could simply mean you do what you say. For instance, if you and your lead scheduled a follow-up call on a specific day and time, make sure that you follow it. Respect for your lead’s time is very much important. In addition, if you offered specific services that they agreed to, you must stay true to your words.

Contribute, Contribute, and Contribute

One of the best ways to make your leads not feel harassed is to contribute. Agents who offer help and services prior to the actual movement of the business only shows that these agents are looking forward to the best interests of their leads and prospects.

Making contributions to your leads will also establish rapport and good ties. And by means of contributions, it means you will offer help and services that will benefit them in their next plans of actions.

A great example of this is to offer your assistance that will engage them in more cost-efficient solutions. Today, sellers shell out more money because they do not know exactly where to spend it. In the essence of home improvement, sellers tend to spend thousands of dollars just to improve the entire house for them to attract buyers. Alternatively, you could offer help by asking them to allow you to inspect the property first to determine accurately what to improve and where to spend their money.

As for buyers, you could give your assistance by setting them up on a Multiple Listing Service client home search. This will allow them to scan through available properties according to their interests and preferences.

There are actually a lot of ways to contribute, you just have to know which of your lead’s concerns will definitely need your help.

Listen and Take Notes

When conducting a follow-up, your goal is to not simply get through the call but to gain your lead’s trust. You can effectively do this by listening to their concerns and situations. Remember that follow-ups must be them being 75% and you being 25% of the time talking.

Through and by this, you could easily point out where you could engage your assistance and help. Take down notes and take it from there.

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