Facebook Makes A Great Step Towards Real Estate Listings

Social media has become the most influential tool today. This is why a lot of people take advantage of the said fact and utilize it in many ways. In the business sector, social media platforms are usually used as marketing tools since it is easier to reach out to the masses around the globe.

For instance, in the real estate, companies typically have websites to place their listings. This is way more convenient and efficient since a lot of people could easily access these sites. Some of the well-known listing pages on the internet are Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin.

People who seek properties and rentals in certain areas would definitely go in these websites as these companies are credible when it comes to real estate listings. But recently, one of the top social networking sites of the millennium announced that they will be launching a massive push on real estate listings – Facebook.

Yes, Facebook.

A lot were surprised and excited about this because the site apparently has a great edge over the popular and existing listing sites of today. The competition is already seen but Facebook stated that incorporating real estate listings is not about competition but rather a more convenient way of help to the audience.

Apparently, Facebook is already utilized by many real estate agents nowadays. People who are friends with licensees much have likely seen posts about listings. However, Facebook is pushing for a more exclusive type of marketing on its own platform – the Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is a separate platform from Facebook itself. It is a platform that allows people to post items and offers. While Marketplace is seen to currently permit individual homeowners to post and sell their properties through the site, Facebook aims to go “full force” with real estate listings with the help of Apartment List and Zumper.

According to Facebook, users can now search for hundreds of thousands of rental units through Marketplace. Also, these users can not only see 360-degree photos of the properties, but they could find helpful details of these properties as well. These include price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, rental type, unit type, area or the square footage, and if properties are pet-friendly.

Once a prospect finds a property, all they need to do is to fill out a contact form which can be also accessed in the Marketplace, and the agent handling the property will contact them directly. However, any transaction between two parties is not permitted. Facebook Marketplace will only be a tool to connect listing owners and interested buyers or renters.

As for landlords and property owners who wish to enlist their properties on Marketplace, they must use Apartment List and/or Zumper. Initially, owners must create a Facebook Page for their business. Consequently, they must sign up with either Apartment List or Zumper and make arrangements with them for the property to be listed on Marketplace.

Today, Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users and since the beginning of the year, it is seen that Marketplace’s search volume has risen by 300% globally.

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