Why You Need InstantChat Now

Messaging apps are very important in the world of real estate. Although you can largely utilize Skype, Facebook, and other messaging and networking apps, there is one that is new to the market: Instant Chat.

You may be wondering what’s in it for you.

Now, have you ever experienced the struggle of deleting messages and conversation threads? Or the inconvenience of having to form a group to message specific people for a small and immediate announcement? Well, Instant Chat can efficiently help you with these kinds of strains.

What is Instant Chat?

In the recent times, quick messaging has become a great deal for many small groups and entrepreneurship activities. As time passes by, not only these sectors are benefitting from messaging apps. From micro to macro, businesses are becoming more dependent on different social networking and messaging apps.

In the real estate, the scenario is no different at all. Sending messages and notes to clients, customers, and colleagues is a huge part of the job. Which is why the usage of different messaging apps is largely rampant. In these well-known apps, there is always the need for you to create accounts and link personal details which are usually an inconvenience for most agents.

Accordingly, this is one aspect that Instant Chat alleviates. When using the platform, there is no need for you to create accounts and link numbers to chat with people. You could easily communicate and send quick notes to your chosen people by sending them the link to the conversation room you created.

Every room is secured and safe. Only the people who have the link can see and send you a message or image. Also, you could easily delete rooms or conversation with one click. By deleting certain messages, it can no longer be retrieved or recycled as it is also deleted in the system.

In addition, you could rename the conversation room according to your preferences. You may change your display name as well and upload profile images of your choice.

How To Use Instant Chat?
  1. Go to instantchat.io
  2. Click “Create New Chat”: this will redirect you to a conversation room with a URL that you could share with the people you want to communicate with.
  3. Start sending chats and images once they enter the conversation room
  4. If you no longer need the conversation room, click “Dispose Chat”

Instant Chat is convenient, easy to use, simple, and free! There is no doubt to why more and more agents are loving this messaging app!

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