Open House Tips: How To Have A Successful Open House?

Many agents find open house routines challenging. Starting from the preparations, it is already a long list of tasks. However, open houses are great tools that must be maximized and utilized. The reason behind is that you could get a lot of leads and possibly land clients.

For sure, you already know the basics when it comes to holding an open house. General cleaning of the property, adding a few homey touches for staging, and posting of banners are usually the easiest yet essential tasks that must be done when having an open house.

But, these are not the only factors that affect an open house. Apparently, having a successful one entails a lot of effort, time, and determination. If you are a beginner, you would probably ask what could be the best practices to apply when having an open house.

Worry no more, for these are the best and most effective tips from the tenured agents. You may apply these to your own open house endeavors as these are found to be effective in driving leads.

#1: Pre-Open House

Any activity needs preparations. Always remember that fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. Hence, the success of the open house will vary from how much you prepared for it. One factor that could determine the success is when many people arrive at your open house activity. Therefore, attracting the right people is one of the most important things you must prepare for.

  • Maximize The Technology

When you are holding an open house, surely, you want to have a good number of participants and visitors. One best way to attract visitors and possible leads is to use different social media platforms. Today, there are quite a lot of platforms that you could use to post your invites and announcements of things such as this one.

You must maximize the advertisements through online. Aside from the fact that it is free, it could reach a much larger and wider audience.

  • Utilize The Traditional Way Too

Alongside the technology, you could use the traditional ways of advertising and marketing too! Never forget to print tarpaulins and banners that you could post on the streets and hang around the neighborhood.

These kinds of materials can largely help you attract possible leads as well especially those who are just around the area and neighborhood.

  • Knowledge is Power

Now, another thing you must prepare for is your knowledge of the current market. A lot of people nowadays are getting more involved and engaged in the current housing market. Usually, these people will ask you questions during the open house. Hence, guarding up with the right armors and girdles is essential.

  • Neutral Home Staging

In preparation for the property, (aside from the general cleaning and setting of all the furniture) home staging is essential too. But, you have to be as neutral as possible. Try to de-personalized the property since you are encouraging your visitors to picture out what it is like to live in that house at their own preferences.

Also, this will avoid possible conflicts and controversies that might arise discussions in the middle of the open house.

#2: During Open House

This is it! The day and moment that you’ve been preparing and waiting for. Now, you must observe the right mindset and etiquette at this very moment. Accordingly, these tips could help you attract the possible leads.

  • Flyers and Calling Cards are A Must

During the open house, never forget to leave flyers and calling cards around the property. These materials can significantly help you as an agent whether your visitors are interested in the property or not. This will also allow you to establish wider networks and connections.

  • Serve Refreshments

The truth is some visitors are only there for the refreshments. But, never underestimate the power of refreshments. These kinds of visitors can also be converted into possible leads for tomorrow or anytime soon.

Your mindset must always be positive and flexible.

  • Never Be A Chatter

As an effective agent, you don’t always need to chat with the visitors like you are pushing them. This kind of mentality and attitude will just push your visitors away. Note that your visitors are there to see what it is like to live on that property. If there are questions, then answer them politely and give them a brief information about it.

  • Set The Right Mood

Another helpful tip that you could do during the open house is set the mood in the property by adding soft music. This will set the tone and mood of your visitors as well as the ambiance of the property.

#3: Post-Open House
  • Reach Out and Follow Up

Once the open house is done, you will never see the outcome as soon as possible. Although there are cases that you would end up selling the property after the open house, in most cases, it requires time.

Accordingly, reaching out to the visitors and following up is essential. If in case that they are not actually interested in the property that has been subjected to the open house, there are a lot of possibilities that these visitors are still finding the right one. Consequently, you could give your assistance and services.

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