Common Problems of Every Real Estate Agent Today

A dull and boring day does not exist in the world of real estate. Any agent will attest to this as the day-to-day struggles are very apparent. Nevertheless, this is what makes the industry strong and lively. While the opportunity…..

How To Win Over An FSBO Seller?

Juan Murillo | November 14, 2017

Converting an FSBO seller into a client is quite challenging for many agents. When an owner decides to sell their own property without the assistance of agents, there is usually one general reason behind – and that is to avoid…..

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Ways For A Real Estate Agent To Stand Out From Competition

Juan Murillo | November 13, 2017

The competition in the real estate business is getting bigger as more and more people are becoming licensed agents. In the recent times, there are approximately 3 million licensed real estate agents in the United States. However, about only 20%…..

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Importance of Closing Gifts and Choosing The Best One

Juan Murillo | November 8, 2017

Once you have closed a deal with your client, exchanging of personal gratitude is always in line. But what happens after that? One unique tradition in the real estate is the giving of closing gifts. Although not all agents participate…..

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Real Estate Dress Code 101: Dress To Express

Juan Murillo | November 7, 2017

Your physical appearance is extremely important in the business of real estate. Clients would normally want to work with agents who look presentable and neat. Hence, your appearance can significantly affect your business transactions whether you like it or not……

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Disclosing Licenses: Agents Acting As Buyers and Sellers

realclosers | November 4, 2017

By principle, every agent must disclose their license alongside its status – regardless of being active or not. In the Code of Ethics, it’s a must, especially when representing a buyer and/or a seller. Real estate agents know this for…..

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5 Expert Tips To Writing Property Descriptions That Sell

realclosers | November 3, 2017

We all know the struggles behind writing property descriptions. It is in no doubt that every now and then you find this task too dreadful to finish. However, property descriptions are essential. And you know this for a fact –…..

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Real Estate Transactions With Bitcoin

realclosers | November 2, 2017

With Bitcoin’s overwhelming appreciation lately, a lot are wondering whether these are good forms of payment to buy properties. Apparently, the popularity of bitcoin is widely spreading globally. Retail stores and food chains are now already in the process of…..

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Lockboxes That Will Help You Not Stop You

realclosers | October 27, 2017

The struggle is real Showings become nightmares! It is all too real as this is no longer a new scenario for most agents today. Apparently, many realtors are finding certain difficulties in managing and handling their lockboxes. When a realtor…..

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Are You Up To Date With Snap Chat?

realclosers | September 26, 2017

Snapchat How Can You Use It? We all know the mas majority daily users on Snapchats are “Millenials” don’t let that fool you away from taking great marketing tools that are available for you to use. Create Your GEO filter! We’re…..

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