How To Win Over An FSBO Seller?

Converting an FSBO seller into a client is quite challenging for many agents. When an owner decides to sell their own property without the assistance of agents, there is usually one general reason behind – and that is to avoid fees and commissions.

The idea of paying commissions is making owners feel uncomfortable. However, this is not entirely the scenario when sellers work with real estate agents. The truth is, there is more to this than just paying commissions. As an agent, you have to make your prospect understand that having you as their agent is a win-win situation. It will be always up to you how you will deliver it.

Here are some essential points to help you convert FSBO sellers into clients:

Perspective Matters

When you are trying to win over an FSBO seller, you must have the proper mindset. Your mind must be set that FSBO sellers need real estate agents for their property to be sold efficiently. In short, they need you. This is basically one of the most important things to regard as an agent.

Having this kind of thinking will enable you to be much more confident with your work. Embrace this thought because it is a fact. As an effective and responsible agent, not only that you are after commissions but you are as well putting the prospect’s best interests first.

Accordingly, your goal is to make your prospect FSBO seller understand why they need you in the first place. Once they get a hold of the whole picture, certainly, they will enlist their property with you.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Another factor why some owners tend to disregard agents’ assistance is because of the unpleasant behaviors of the agents and realtors. Unfortunately, there are agents today who will do anything just to get a listing. This is bad news for the business since agents are normally generalized.

The best thing that you could do is, to be honest and transparent. You must cut the crap, stop the hostile business, and start acting according to the best interests of your prospect FSBO seller. This is proven and testified by many tenured realtors.

FSBO sellers would always want to hear the truth about their property’s statuses. Whether it’s good or bad, transparency will become the tool that you can utilize to win them over. Moreover, being honest entails a lot of benefits. Not only that you are helping them out but you are apparently building a good relationship with them.

Every Seller Has A Story To Tell

Sellers have different stories to tell. There are reasons why they plan to move out and sell properties. Make sure that you are knowledgeable enough about these kinds of information. Hence, there is a great value in listening to them.

This is not only to learn why they intend to put the property on the market or when they plan to leave. This is intensively knowing your prospect. Listening to them efficiently will enable you to offer the right services. There are times that some agents tend to simply know the current situation of the property alone and not the seller’s story which can be a huge mistake in the long run.

Sellers-turned-clients would always want to feel that you are putting them first. It makes them know that you are prioritizing them over anything else. The importance of this is that these sellers will feel much comfortable working with you since they know that they are in good hands.

Effective Communication

An effective communication has something to do with listening. When you get to know the real situation of the seller and the property, you will be able to communicate and connect with them. And it will be a good starting point for the business. Consequently, this where the follow-ups and tones of conversations will take part.

Follow-ups are essential because this is where the building of relationship starts. Note that a prospect would not agree to set up a meeting or an appointment not unless they are already convinced to list the property with you. Therefore, it is only through follow-ups where you can communicate with them.

As for the tones of conversations, try not to be pushy and aggressive. An effective agent knows that there is a fine line between aggressiveness and assertiveness. It is a common mistake done by many licensees today. They tend to be more aggressive in getting the property listed with them which makes most sellers feel annoyed and pushed. Note that it would make any seller feel off about you if they notice that you are only after the commission and benefit.

In totality, it is always a challenge for an agent to win over an FSBO seller but with the right mindset and proper attitude, it will be much easier for you to convert these sellers into clients. You have to make them feel that there is a need for your services and you are placing their best interests as your priority.



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